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FERMI: a digital Front End and Readout MIcrosystem for high resolution calorimetry

  • H. Alexanian
  • G. Appelquist
  • P. Bailly
  • R. Benetta
  • S. Berglund
  • J. Bezamat
  • F. Blouzon
  • C. Bohm
  • L. Breveglieri
  • S. Brigati
  • P. W. Cattaneo
  • L. Dadda
  • J. David
  • M. Engström
  • J. F. Genat
  • M. Givoletti
  • V. G. Goggi
  • S. Gong
  • G. M. Grieco
  • M. Hansen
  • H. Hentzell
  • T. T. Holmberg
  • I. I. Höglund
  • S. J. Inkinen
  • A. Kerek
  • C. Landi
  • O. LeDortz
  • M. Lippi
  • B. Lofstedt
  • B. Lund-Jensen
  • F. F. Maloberti
  • S. Mutz
  • P. Nayman
  • V. Piuri
  • G. Polesello
  • M. Samid
  • A. Savoy-Navarro
  • P. Schwemling
  • R. Stefanelli
  • R. Sundblad
  • C. Svensson
  • G. G. Torelli
  • J. P. Vanuxem
  • N. Yamdagni
  • Jiren Yuan
  • A. Ödmark
Publiceringsår: 1995
Språk: Engelska
Sidor: 306-317
Publikation/Tidskrift/Serie: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
Volym: 357
Nummer: 2-3
Dokumenttyp: Artikel


We present a digital solution for the front-end electronics of high resolution calorimeters at future colliders. It is based on analogue signal compression, high speed A/D converters, a fully programmable pipeline and a digital signal processing (DSP) chain with local intelligence and system supervision. This digital solution is aimed at providing maximal front-end processing power by performing waveform analysis using DSP methods. For the system integration of the multichannel device a multi-chip, silicon-on-silicon multi-chip module (MCM) has been adopted. This solution allows a high level of integration of complex analogue and digital functions, with excellent flexibility in mixing technologies for the different functional blocks. This type of multichip integration provides a high degree of reliability and programmability at both the function and the system level, with the additional possibility of customising the microsystem to detector-specific requirements. For enhanced reliability in high radiation environments, fault tolerance strategies, i.e. redundancy, reconfigurability, majority voting and coding for error detection and correction, are integrated into the design.



  • Accelerator Physics and Instrumentation


  • ISSN: 0168-9002

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