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Mässa på svenska. Den reformatoriska mässan i Sverige mot den senmedeltida bakgrunden.

Mass in Swedish. The Mass of the Reformation in Sweden against the Late Medieval Background.
Publiceringsår: 1998
Språk: Svenska
Sidor: 268
Publikation/Tidskrift/Serie: Bibliotheca Theologiae Practicae
Volym: 60
Dokumenttyp: Doktorsavhandling
Förlag: Arcus förlag, Lund


This study investigates the 16th century Mass of the Reformation in Sweden, with emphasis on how it was celebrated in parish churches. Practices and texts which the sources of the Reformation give evidence of (or merely suggest) are related to the late medieval practices and texts which were in use in the parishes when the reforms began. This method emphasizes continuity and plurality, but also allows the points at which the Reformation departed from medieval liturgy to appear distinctly.

The study shows how the late medieval sung Mass with sermon was transformed into a reformed Mass celebrated, for the most part, in the vernacular. The reformed sung Mass with sermon retained the basic structure of the medieval Mass. Cautious reshaping meant that many medieval practices continued in the reformed liturgy. This is the main result of the study.

In the late Middle Ages and in the 16th century the common opinion was that the original Mass actually consisted of consecration and communion. This preconception, together with devotional practices which in the late Middle Ages had been accomodated within the Order of Mass as indicated in the missals, affected the structure of the Lutheran Orders when, for theological reasons, the canon was removed. This gave rise to the peculiar Lutheran combination of Preface, Words of Institution and Sanctus.

The study shows that several liturgical phenomena which earlier research had regarded as expressions of Reformation theology actually were continuations or partial transformations of late medieval practices. It follows from this that practices and texts in Reformation sources can contain important evidence of earlier usages which are only sparingly or incompletely known from medieval sources.


Carolinasalen, Kungshuset, Lundagård
  • Oloph Bexell (Doc.)


  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religion
  • systematic and practical Christian theology)
  • (Kristen teologi systematisk och praktisk
  • Mass. Reformation. Late Middle Ages. Eucharistic devotion. Exposition of the Gospel. Biddingprayer. General confession. Private confession.


  • ISBN: 91-88553-01-9
  • ISRN: LUREDN/REKS-1998/1005-SE +268

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