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A 9-band WCDMA/EDGE transceiver supporting HSPA evolution

  • Magnus Nilsson
  • Sven Mattisson (Adjunct professor, applied microelectronics)
  • Nikolaus Klemmer
  • Martin Andersson (Assistant Professor)
  • Torkel Arnborg
  • Peter Caputa
  • Staffan Ek
  • Lin Fan
  • Henrik Fredriksson
  • Fabien Garrigues
  • Henrik Geis
  • Hans Hagberg
  • Joel Hedestig
  • Hu Huang
  • Yevgeniy Kagan
  • Niklas Karlsson
  • Henrik Kinzel
  • Thomas Mattsson
  • Thomas Mills
  • Fenghao Mu
  • Andreas Mårtensson
  • Lars Nicklasson
  • Filip Oredsson
  • Ufuk Ozdemir
  • Fitzgerald Park
  • Tony Pettersson
  • Tony Påhlsson
  • Markus Pålsson
  • Stephane Ramon
  • Magnus Sandgren
  • Per Sandrup
  • Anna-Karin Stenman
  • Roland Strandberg
  • Lars Sundström
  • Fredrik Tillman
  • Tobias Tired
  • Satish Uppathil
  • Joel Walukas
  • Eric Westesson
  • Xuhao Zhang
  • Pietro Andreani
Publiceringsår: 2011
Språk: Engelska
Sidor: 366-368
Dokumenttyp: Konferensbidrag


The future of cellular radio ICs lies in the integration of an ever-increasing number of bands and channel bandwidths. This paper presents a transceiver together with the associated discrete front-end components. The transceiver supports 4 EDGE bands and 9 WCDMA bands (l-VI and Vlll-X), while the radio can be configured to simultaneously support the 4 EDGE bands and up to 5 WCDMA bands: 3 high bands (HB) and 2 low bands (LB). The RX is a SAW-less homodyne composed of a main RX and a diversity RX. To reduce package complexity with so many bands, we chose to minimize the number of ports by using single-ended RF interfaces for both RX and TX. This saves seve ral package pins, but requires careful attention to grounding. The main RX has 8 LNA ports and the diversity RX has 5, with some LNAs supporting multiple bands. On the TX side, 2 ports are used for all EDGE bands and 4 for the WCDMA bands.



  • Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering


IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC)
San Fransisco, CA
  • Elektronikkonstruktion
  • Analog RF
  • Data converters & RF
  • ISSN: 0193-6530

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