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Structural study of adsorption of isonicotinic acid and related molecules on rutile TiO2(110) II: XPS

  • J Schnadt
  • JN O'Shea
  • L Patthey
  • J Schiessling
  • J Krempasky
  • M Shi
  • Nils Mårtensson
  • PA Bruhwiler
Publiceringsår: 2003
Språk: Engelska
Sidor: 74-86
Publikation/Tidskrift/Serie: Surface Science
Volym: 544
Nummer: 1
Dokumenttyp: Artikel
Förlag: Elsevier Ltd


The adsorption of monolayers of the pyridine-carboxylic acid monomers (isonicotinic acid, nicotinic acid, and picolinic acid) on rutile TiO2(1 1 0) has been studied by means of X-ray photoemission spectroscopy. An investigation of the O 1s spectra shows that the molecular carboxylic groups are deprotonated and, hence, that the molecules bind to the surface in a bidentate mode. Moreover, the binding energy of those core levels that are related to the pyridine ring atoms shift as a function of molecule relative to the substrate O 1s and Ti 3p levels, while the position of the core levels related to emission from the carboxylic group are constant relative to the substrate levels. The molecule-dependent shifts are attributed to local intermolecular interactions that determine the proximity of adjacent molecular rings and thus the core-hole screening response of the neighbouring molecules. We propose a simple molecular arrangement for each case which satisfies the known constraints. (C) 2003 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.



  • Physics and Astronomy
  • evaporation and sublimation
  • synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy
  • chemisorption
  • aromatics
  • titanium oxide
  • single crystal
  • surfaces


  • ISSN: 0039-6028

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