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Children’s identifications and the realism of their confidence judgments in sequential and elimination line-ups

Publiceringsår: 2007
Språk: Engelska
Dokumenttyp: Konferensbidrag: abstract
Ytterligare information: Abstract: When the court is judging somebody for a crime, it often goes by the confidence of the witness, for example in his or her identification of the suspect. Two studies, one with sequential line-up (n=250) and one with elimination line-up (n=250) with children of 11-12 years old are planned. The outcome of these studies will be compared in order to see which line-up method will give the best accuracy in the identifications and the best realism (also sometimes called accuracy) in the confidence judgments for children. We will also use a comparison-group of adults (n=200) in the study with sequential line-up in order to see if there are any differences in age. To see if there are any differences in the personality of the children connected to the accuracy, we will use two scales, one scale for self-perception (in order to tap children´s domain-specific judgments of their competence, as well as a global perception of their worth or esteem as a person) and one scale measuring degree of self-doubt. The full design for this study and its rational will be presented. Preliminary results will also be presented.




  • Social Sciences


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