Excellence versus purpose – tradeoff or synergy? LTH Honorary Doctorate Lecture by Camilla Modéer

28 september 2020 11:00 till 12:00 | Föreläsning
Nanostructures; false coloured SEM picture by D. Jacobsson
A panel of experts will contribute with different perspectives on how research can be even more useful to society. Photo of nanostructures by D. Jacobsson

Is there a conflict between, on the one hand, scientific excellence and on the other research utilization, collaboration with the business community and the civil society?

Om händelsen

28 september 2020 11:00 till 12:00


Digital participation (live streaming). Registration is required, no later than one hour in advance. Registration link below


The event may be of particular interest to academic leaders, researchers, and business professionals working with R&D.


The lecture and panel discussion will be held in English and are open to everyone.


event [at] nano [dot] lu [dot] se