Launching The Rough Planet Guide to Notterdam, 2045 edition: tour tomorrow, today!

14 oktober 2020 16:00 till 18:00 | Utställning
A lady with a pink shirt, seen from beind, observes a leaf blower exhibited at a museum
Petrol-fuelled leafblower in Museum (By Sjef van Gaalen)

“Welcome to Notterdam, an urban jewel in the crown of a decarbonised Europe! The Rough Planet is your essential insider’s guide to the sights and experiences on offer in this vibrant city, so radically transformed from its former dependence on fossil fuels and the petrochemicals industry. Whether you want to know where’s best for a good bite to eat, how to spend some leisure time, or when it’s best to travel, The Rough Planet Guide has got you covered…”

Om händelsen

14 oktober 2020 16:00 till 18:00


Skissernas Museum, Birgit Rausings Sal, Finngatan 2, Lund


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