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Celiaki som modell för autoimmun sjukdom. Transglutaminas har nyckelroll--stressreaktion sätter fart på ond cirkel

Celiac disease as a model for autoimmune disease. Transglutaminase has the key role--stress reaction triggers the vicious circle
Publiceringsår: 2006
Språk: Svenska
Sidor: 1523-1526
Publikation/Tidskrift/Serie: Läkartidningen
Volym: 103
Nummer: 19
Dokumenttyp: Artikel i tidskrift
Förlag: Sveriges Läkarförbund


The autoantigen of endomysial antibodies in coeliac disease has been found to be an enzyme, tissue transglutaminase. Zinc inhibits the calcium-dependent activation of this thiol enzyme and also decreases the affinity between transglutaminase and the antibodies. Physiologically, transglutaminases catalyse the formation of bridges between lysine- and glutamine-containing peptides. Theoretically, if accidentally activated, for example due to a stress-induced low concentration of intestinal zinc, tissue transglutaminase will sequentially deamidate specific glutamine residues in gliadins. During this process, an abnormally long-lived thioester intermediate between the active site cysteine of the enzyme and a previously, partly deamidated gliadine may trigger the T-cells in persons with HLA DQ2/DQ8, generating antibodies against both transglutaminase and gliadin. Furthermore, the resulting villous atrophy decreases the absorption of zinc, thus causing a vicious circle. In rheumatoid arthritis a similar pattern is observed with the formation of antibodies against citrulline as well as against the calcium-dependent citrullinating thiol-enzyme, peptidylargininedeiminase, which also is inhibited by zinc.


  • Clinical Medicine
  • Glutenintolerans
  • Transglutaminaser
  • Autoimmuna sjukdomar


  • Chronic Inflammatory and Degenerative Diseases Research Unit
  • ISSN: 0023-7205

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