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"You call this archaeology" - om uppfattning och fördomar av det arkeologiska yrket med film som ingångspunkt


  • Emelie Grönberg

Summary, in English

In my essay I will study the injustice within science in movies, in this particular case: Archaeology. This essay will also examine whether there is reason to believe that there is a

connection between this unfairness and what's being displayed of the archaeologist in popular culture. In my case I have decided to focus on the movie industry because it's a dominant part of our daily life. I have chosen to explore two different groups of students studying an occupation. One is, of course, the archaeological institution at Lund University, and the other is a high school (upper secondary school) program called ?Omvårdnadsprogrammet? at Rönnens in Malmö. This is a program where the students study medical professions. I intendto ask these two groups if they think that their own upcoming career is being depicted fairly in proportion to what they?ve seen in films. I also asked fans of the Indiana Jones trilogy, what was so fascinating about Indiana Jones. My conclusion is that it's very difficult to equalize two so different occupations, but that there are mainly other matters that affect our minds than movies. Finally the general public loves adventures, and Indiana Jones is a really cool adventurer.







Examensarbete för magisterexamen (Ett år)


  • History and Archaeology


  • Film,
  • arkeologi,
  • arkeologens yrkesroll,
  • Indiana Jones,
  • Lara Croft
  • Archaeology
  • Arkeologi


  • Cornelius Holtorf