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Medeltidsstadens början


  • Elin Nilsson

Summary, in English

In this paper I have tried to find out the reason the medieval town of Vä was created. I have studied several different areas in witch all, in one way or another, have had an effect on the making of Vä. This areas includes topography, iron production, mill handling, religious effects, royal affliction and also if the name Vä could tell something about Väs history as a religious cult. I have also looked at two other places not far from Vä, the medieval harbour town Åhus and the big village of Fjälkinge. By comparing these three places I tried to find out what Vä had that the other places did not, which made Vä turn in to a town. I have answered my question by looking through reports, books and articles where the subjects have been discussed. My conclusion is that there are many different reasons why Vä was created. All of the following areas that I have mentioned are more or less important for Vä to become a town. The reason why Vä turned in to a town instead of Fjälkinge has probably to do with the royal affliction. As for Åhus, Vä probably were more of a local trading-place, Åhus had much more extending trade. Also the Danish king was very interested in Vä which increased Väs possibility to become a successful town.






Examensarbete för magisterexamen (Ett år)


  • History and Archaeology


  • Åhus
  • Fjälkinge
  • Medieval history
  • Medeltidens historia


  • Mats Mogren