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Banatul Montan - Parcul Național Cheile Nerei-Beușnița


  • Alexandra Boboescu

Summary, in English

The choice of topics and issues problems:
The essay is about some wonderful natural places, and I felt like it was important for me to emphasize them even more through this work, especially that I´m coming from those places, and unfortunately I never visited The National Park Nera gorge-Beusnita in its entirety. In the same situation like me there are a lot of people who choose other countries as destinations.

This paper aims to give an overview of tourism in the Mountainous Banat, of the Natioanal Park Cheile Nerei-Beușnița, one of the main attractions in Caraș-Severin. The emphasis is on Nera gorge (Cheile Nerei), Devil´s Lake (Lacul Dracului), Bei Eyes´s Lake (Lacul Ochiul Beiului) and Waterfalls of Beușnița (Cascadele Beușniței).

Methodology and analysis:
Using a descriptive qualitatice method will be presented informations about The National Park Nera gorge-Beușnița. In addition to the information gathered from various sources, mostly from Internet, it will be presented an interview with an inhabitant of the area. The informationes, along with the interview will then be analyzed to reach a conclusion.

Own conclusions:
Although I knew a lot about the beauty of those places before I´ve started to write the essay, during the writing process I became more convinced that those places should be visited at least once. The park is not travel arranged which makes some not beeing so open to visit it. In my view this is precisely that which leads to the keeping of the natural beauties. By visiting the National Park Nera gorge-Beusnita you have nothing to lose but win!







Examensarbete för kandidatexamen


  • Earth and Environmental Sciences


  • Cheile Nerei
  • Lacul Dracului
  • Lacul Ochiul Beiului
  • Cascada Beușnița


  • Coralia Ditvall