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Managing the corporate brand - A study of the corporate brand manager in theory and practice

  • Fredrik Augustsson
  • Martin Larsson
Publiceringsår: 2012
Språk: Engelska
Dokumenttyp: Examensarbete för magisterexamen (Ett år)


Title: Managing the Corporate Brand: A Study of the Corporate Brand Manager in Theory and Practice

Date of the Seminar: 2012-05-29

Course: BUSN29 – Master thesis

Authors: Fredrik Augustsson, Martin Larsson

Advisor: Mats Urde, Associate Professor

Keywords: Corporate Brand Management, Corporate Brand Manager, Brand Strategy, Brand Management, Brand Hierarchy

Thesis purpose: To investigate the role of the Corporate Brand Manager in theory and practice.

Methodology: Following a social constructionism approach we apply a grounded theory strategy. An exploratory method is used where mainly qualitative research is conducted and appropriately supported by minor quantitative research. The analysis is carried out guided by an iterative process.

Theoretical perspective: The literature review creates the foundation for the theoretical framework where the two explicit tools that will be used in the analysis are highlighted. We present and describe in detail the Melin and Urde Categorisation Framework and the Balmer, Liao, and Wang Corporate Brand Custodianship model.

Empirical data: The empirical data is collected through qualitative semi-structured interviews with 65 Corporate Brand Managers. Additional quantitative data is also collected during the interview process. In order to receive in-depth information, in many cases vital material regarding corporate business strategies, all the respondents were promised full anonymity.

Conclusion: We conclude that the role as a Corporate Brand Manager differs according to various Corporate Brand Strategies. We provide a description of the tasks and responsibilities of the Corporate Brand Manager based on certain contexts and present this in our model – The Corporate Brand Manager Categorisation Framework.


  • Business and Economics
  • Corporate Brand Management
  • Corporate Brand Manager
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Hierarchy


  • Mats Urde

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