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Cross-Cultural study in Noun Constructions. Corpus-driven Cognitive Linguistics


  • Katarina Helgeman

Summary, in English

The close relationship between culture and language has been captivating
humans since ancient times and various schools of thought have offered
different approaches. Cognitive Linguistics holds the view that language is
a socially constructed phenomenon. Members of a given speech community
experience the world in more or less similar way as they speak one
language. By means of commonly shared views and ways of speaking
comprehension becomes possible. That in turn serves to strengthen cultural
ties and develop a sense of identity. By looking at the ways speakers of
English communicate this essay will capture their realities, truths and
shared assumptions in connection with the conceptualization of alienation.
Using a quantitative corpus driven method it aims to operationalize that
broad concept by examination of the alien related noun constructions
derived from the authentic samples of language.







Examensarbete för kandidatexamen


  • Languages and Literatures


  • Dylan Glynn