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Beer and semantics. A corpus-driven multivariate study in the sociolinguistics of culture


  • Josefin Bardby

Summary, in English

Beer is one of the oldest and most beloved beverages in the world
(Hampson 2008). According to the first records of brewing, beer was
originally made in Mesopotamia over 8000 years ago (Hampson, 2008).
Although, back then there was a religious side to it and beer was consumed
in spiritual ceremonies to honour the gods. However, the enjoyment of
drinking this infusion was even greeter and it soon became an everyday
drink (Hampson 2008). Today the admiration is enormous and there is a
beer for every occasion. The brewing industry has changed and nowadays
produces beer in abundance and with the great trading- and exporting
business it can reach more countries than ever before. This has resulted in a
greater competition between the breweries and also for the hunt of the
consumers. The vast popularity of the beverage makes it extremely
important to choose a suitable name for each beer in order for it to attract as
many customers as possible







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  • Languages and Literatures


  • Dylan Glynn