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URWARE Wastewater Treatment Plant Models

Publiceringsår: 2005
Språk: Engelska
Publikation/Tidskrift/Serie: Urban Water rapport
Volym: 2005:5
Dokumenttyp: Rapport
Förlag: Urban Water, Chalmers University of Technology


In this document, a large number of mathematical models describing various

physical, biological and chemical processes in a wastewater treatment

plant are presented. In most cases, the models are fairly simple as they are

inteded for steady-state simulations based on yearly averages of the influent

wastewater charteristics. The combination of models forms a software tool

namned URWARE (URban WAter REsearch model), which is a tool for

substance flow analysis and energy calculations in wastewater treatment

systems. All models are based on the MATLAB/Simulink platform.

The different models can be combined in any fashion thereby creating

various system structures that can be analysed and compared. The models

keep track of numerous substances related to wastewater, such as organic

substances, nutrients and to some extent heavy metals. Within all models the

release of environmentally hazardous substances to water, soil and air are

calculated. The results can be used as one (of many) information pathways

for strategic decision making related to urban water systems.

The individual models are described one by one and their behaviours are

exemplified by simulation results. In many cases, comparisons with other

available software models are given to validate (or at least make plausible)

the results produced by the fairly simple URWARE models. Simulation

results based on a combination of models into a complete wastewater

treatment plant are also presented. However, details about the underlying

theory and hypotheses on which the models are based cannot always be

sufficiently described due to space limitations. Moreover, users should always

be critical to any results predicted by models and not take them for

granted simply because they have been calculated by a computer model.

Knowledge about the real processes and comparisons with real data are

imperative to evaluate whether the predicted results are reasonable or not.

For the interested reader the complete source code to all models is included

in an extensive appendix.

A modelling task of this magnitude is never completed. The proposed

models can always be further developed, improved and refined. Consequently,

the models described in this document only represent the first

version of the URWARE software. Many issues remain to be solved and

further improvements to be done. However, it is the hope of the authors that

the presented models are mature enough to be used, evaluated, modified

and improved by other users outside the URWARE task group.


  • Other Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering


  • ISSN: 1650-3791
  • CODEN: LUTEDX/(TEIE-7223)/1-163/(2005)

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