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Den spraymålade bilden. Graffitimåleriet som bildform, konströrelse och läroprocess

The Spray-painted Image. Graffiti painting as type of image, art movement and learning process
  • Staffan Jacobson
Publiceringsår: 1996
Språk: Svenska
Dokumenttyp: Doktorsavhandling
Förlag: S. Jacobson, Uardav. 52 d, 224 71, Lund, Sweden


The introduction suggests a model for defining and categorising different types of graffiti, and the term TTP (Tags/Throw-ups/Pieces) is presented.

Chapter I relates the body of research up to the present day and proposes a comprehensive interpretation, based partly on English and German subculture- and socialisation theories. Chapter 2 presents the social background and internal social pattern of the 'writers', and 45 Swedish writers are examined more closely. They are found to be in general quite ordinary, but unusually creative youngsters. Further, the spray art career seems to be linked to a socalled "unusual process of learning", which is confirmed by interviews.

Chapter 3 deals with the creation, expression, content and meaning of this type of image, and it is compared with several other traditions like Scandinavian animal ornaments, emblematics, book painting, Art Nouveau, psychedelic art and traditional calligraphy. The discussion is accompanied by pictorial analyses. The 30 most common pictorial elements in TTP are enumerated. The stylistic development is observed, with its complexity-simplicity cycle and the varied relations between the letter and the picture. Wild style lettering with its combination of 7 graphic characteristics is found to be the most original contribution to art.

Chapter 4 follows the diffusion and acculturation from the subway to the gallery and from the USA to Europe; Sweden in particular is examined.

Chapter 5 discusses the prevention methods of authorities fighting graffiti, compares them and draws conclusions. Community centres run by writers (the Uppsala model) are perceived to be the least harmful and most effective method to decrease illegal TTP. Finally, this kind of graffiti is related to "the institutional definition of art" for which it could be qualified. TTP is a new, freestanding and independent art form. However, it could also give a different and post-modern meaning to the term Underground Art.


Universitetshuset, sal 21, Lund
  • [unknown unknown]


  • Art History
  • throw-up
  • underground
  • tag
  • subway
  • subculture
  • style
  • spray
  • piece
  • picture
  • painting
  • ornament
  • name
  • letter
  • hip hop
  • graffiti
  • characters
  • calligraphy
  • Aerosol
  • art
  • wild style
  • youth.
  • Konsthistoria
  • Art history


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  • ISBN: 91-628-2186-5

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