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The structure of Fe(III) ions in strongly alkaline aqueous solutions from EXAFS and Mossbauer spectroscopy

  • Pal Sipos
  • Dalma Zeller
  • Erno Kuzmann
  • Attila Vertes
  • Zoltan Homonnay
  • Monika Walczak
  • Sophie Canton
Publiceringsår: 2008
Språk: Engelska
Sidor: 5603-5611
Publikation/Tidskrift/Serie: Dalton Transactions
Nummer: 41
Dokumenttyp: Artikel i tidskrift
Förlag: Royal Society of Chemistry


To establish the structure of ferric ions in strongly alkaline (pH > 13) environments, aqueous NaOH solutions supersaturated with respect to Fe(III) and the solid ferric-hydroxo complex salts precipitating from them have been characterized with a variety of experimental techniques. From UV measurements, in solutions of pH > 13, only one kind of Fe(III)-hydroxo complex species was found to be present. The micro crystals obtained from such solutions were proven to be a new, so far unidentified solid phase. Mossbauer spectra of the quick-frozen solution and that of the complex salt indicated a highly symmetrical ferric environment in both systems From the EXAFS and XANES spectra, the environment of the ferric ion in these solutions (both native and quick-frozen) and in the complex salt was found to be different. In the complex salt, the bond lengths are consistent with an octahedral coordination around the ferric centres. In solution, the coordination geometry of Fe(III) is most probably tetrahedral. Our results demonstrate that in strongly alkaline aqueous solutions, ferric ions behave very similarly to other structurally related tervalent ions, like Al(III) or Ga(III).


  • Atom and Molecular Physics and Optics


  • ISSN: 1477-9234

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