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Hacia una realidad aumentada. Extrañamiento y personificación en los relatos de La noche, de Francisco Tario


  • Carolina Balboa Alvarez

Summary, in English

One of the major aims of fantastic literature is to fight against common forms of representation. A clear example of that are the short stories of Mexican Francisco Tario. The present study examines the literary resources of estrangement and personification in relation to four stories included in the author’s first publication, La noche: “La noche del féretro”, “La noche de la gallina”, “La noche de Margaret Rose” y “La noche de los cincuenta libros”. The investigation is based on the hypothesis that Tario uses personification in order to question human conventions through the process of estrangement, created by the external perspective of his marginal and unconventional narrators. Two of the stories are recounted by personified objects and animals, while the next two are narrated from the perspectives of a ghost and a madman, whose marginalization gives them a similar perspective to the one offered by the two first personified types of narrators. The stories are analysed within their historical and sociocultural context, and in the scope of some of the most relevant literary and psychological theories of the time, such as the neo-fantastic genre or the Freudian theory of the uncanny. All in all, the research shows a short narrative that highlights the nonsense of social conventions, and that displays a disenchanted portrait of human nature by means of a de-automation of perception. Through the rhetoric resource of estrangement, the author confronts us with the monsters and ghosts that use to terrify us, offering an expanded view of reality that reveals darkness as a substantial part of the human being.






Examensarbete för kandidatexamen


  • Languages and Literatures


  • estrangement
  • personification
  • Francisco Tario
  • the neo-fantastic
  • the uncanny
  • expanded reality.


  • Ingela Johansson