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A B-10-based neutron detector with stacked MultiWire Proportional Counters and macrostructured cathodes


  • I. Stefanescu
  • Y. Abdullahi
  • J. Birch
  • I. Defendi
  • Richard Hall-Wilton
  • Carina Höglund
  • L. Hultman
  • M. Zee
  • K. Zeitelhack

Summary, in English

We present the results of the measurements of the detection efficiency for a 4.7 angstrom neutron beam incident upon a detector incorporating a stack of up to five MultiWire Proportional Counters (MWPC) with Boron-coated cathodes. The cathodes were made of Aluminum and had a surface exhibiting millimeter-deep V-shaped grooves of 45 degrees, upon which the thin Boron film was deposited by DC magnetron sputtering. The incident neutrons interacting with the converter layer deposited on the sidewalls of the grooves have a higher capture probability, owing to the larger effective absorption film thickness. This leads to a higher overall detection efficiency for the grooved cathode when compared to a cathode with a flat surface. Both the experimental results and the predictions of the GEANT4 model suggests that a 5-counter detector stack with coated grooved cathodes has the same efficiency as a 7-counter stack with flat cathodes. The reduction in the number of counters in the stack without altering the detection efficiency will prove highly beneficial for large-area position-sensitive detectors for neutron scattering applications, for which the cost-effective manufacturing of the detector and associated readout electronics is an important objective. The proposed detector concept could be a technological option for one of the new chopper spectrometers and other instruments planned to be built at the future European Spallation Source in Sweden. These results with macrostructured cathodes generally apply not just to MWPCs but to other gaseous detectors as well.






Journal of Instrumentation




Artikel i tidskrift


IOP Publishing


  • Accelerator Physics and Instrumentation


  • etc)
  • Wire chambers(MWPC
  • Detector modelling and simulations I (interaction of radiation with
  • interaction of hadrons with
  • interaction of photons with matter
  • matter
  • Thin-gap chambers
  • drift chambers
  • drift
  • tubes
  • proportional chambers etc)
  • Gaseous detectors




  • ISSN: 1748-0221