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Conclusions from the European Roadmap on Control of Computing Systems

Publiceringsår: 2006
Språk: Engelska
Dokumenttyp: Konferensbidrag


The use of control-based methods for resource management in real-time computing and communication systems has gained a substantial interest recently. Applications areas include performance control of web-servers, dynamic resource management in embedded systems, traffic control in communication networks, transaction management in database servers, error control in software systems, and autonomic computing. Within the European EU/IST FP6 Network of Exellence ARTIST2 on Embedded System Design a roadmap on Control of Real-Time Computing Systems has recently been completed. The focus of the roadmap is how flexibility, adaptivity, performance and robustness can be achieved in a real-time computing or communication system through the use of control theory. The item that is controlled is in most cases the allocation of computing and communication resources, e.g., the distribution or scheduling of CPU time among different competing tasks, jobs, requests, or transactions, or the communication resources in a network. Due to this, control of computing systems also goes under the name of feedback scheduling.

The roadmap is divided into six research areas: control of server systems, control of CPU resources, control of communication networks, error control of software systems, feedback scheduling of control systems, and control middleware. For each area an overview is given and challenges for future research are stated. The aim of this position paper is to summarize the conclusions concerning these research challenges. In this paper, we will only cover the first four of the areas above. A preliminary version of the roadmap can be found on


  • Control Engineering


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