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Controller synthesis for application specific digital signal processors

Publiceringsår: 1991
Språk: Engelska
Dokumenttyp: Licentiatavhandling


A CAD tool for on chip controller synthesis to digital

signal processors has been developed.

Micro programmed digital signal processors often have a complicated

control flow where structure and complexity of the micro program

varies considerably between applications.

Therefore, an advanced controller architecture adaptive to various

algorithms is synthesized.

The controller generates control words for datapath modules and can

alter the control flow depending on signals generated in the


Many applications require memories for coefficients and data storage.

Address calculation to these memories is a natural part of the micro

program. Hence, the controller synthesizer also generates memories and

address processing units.

Synchronization and communication with external circuitry is an

important part of many signal processors. The controller synthesizer

facilitates such functions.

The controller synthesizer is part of a design system where algorithms

are transformed from a high level description to an integrated circuit.

No restrictions on datapath architecture or processor complexity,

other than technology limitations, are set by the system.

The controller synthesizer has proved useful for rapid design of

complex digital signal processors and has been used for several

designs of varying complexity.

Complexity, partitioning and the size of synthesized controllers vary

depending on the algorithm and the micro program.

A main goal was to be technology independent and to be capable of

interfacing to different cell libraries and thereby to various vendors.

To verify this the synthesizer supports two different cell libraries.


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