Digitalisering – teknik & samhälle

Uppdragsutbildning genom Lund University Commissioned Education

Vi lever idag i en värld som genomgår ett paradigmskifte. Beteenden, värdekedjor och processer i samhället förändras i grunden och den pådrivande kraften är övergången till alltmer avancerade digitala tjänster och verktyg. Digitalisering kan ses som både katalysator, möjliggörare och hot i dagens samhällsutveckling genom att den öppnar dörrarna för nya verksamheter och hotar befintliga. Tekniken bereder också vägen för en alltmer långtgående globalisering. I denna förändringsprocess kan vi på Lunds universitet erbjuda kompetensutveckling.

A CEO's Guide to Building Brand Equity Online

As a business leader, you know the value of a strong brand image and understand the power of the internet in shaping that image among your buyers. But how, exactly, are strong brands built online today and how well is your company doing in that regard?

A practical introduction to eye tracking

Do you know what eye tracking is but think it sounds complicated? Welcome to this course where you can learn from experienced researchers and make mistakes in a safe environment, before you start your own eye tracking project.

Developing Digital Strategy to Drive International Growth

This two-day course at Lund University is designed to help mid-sized international companies compete more effectively online.

Employer Branding Online: How to Digitally Develop and Manage Strong Corporate Brands

Often called the marriage of HR and Marketing, Employer Branding provides HR Departments a distinct advantage in recruiting top talent. How can a company create the type of corporate brand that appeals to prospective employees today?

Introduction to Information Security, 7.5 credits, SAST01

This course will give an introduction to the problems we are facing when designing security for computers, mobile devices and web applications. It will also give an overview of the solutions to these problems. The course focus will be on concepts and ideas, not on technical details.

MatchIT - a programming training for newcomers with an interest in IT

If you are new to Sweden with a completed or even uncompleted technical education, preferably IT-related, we want to present an opportunity for you to learn programming at Lund University. The job market for IT professionals needs more talent!