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Naturvetenskapligt kandidatprogram, Matematik (undervisning på engelska), 180.0 hp

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The growth of the information society has increased the need to understand and predict the real world. There is an increasing demand for people who can structure and analyze the growing amount of produced and stored data, and a mathematical education is a good ground for such tasks. To approach complex problems mathematicians use models and analytic methods and therefore the subject is very well suited to those who are interested in problem solving. Mathematics is inherent in a manifold of technical and scientific achievements. As an example we can mention the notion of a differential equation which so far has been a most adequate tool for describing dynamical phenomena. The subject of mathematics plays a special role as an exact science with emphasis on quantitative aspects. This in turn makes the subject a highly relevant tool in a number of areas where quantitative analysis is needed.

Mer om utbildningen hittar du på http://www.maths.lu.se/english/education/mathematics-bachelors-programme/

Sista ansökningsdag
april 2014
Kursperiod:2014-09-01 - 2017-06-09

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