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Yidi Gaokao: Debatten om var barn till migrantarbetare skall få skriva gaokao


  • Carolina Harrysson

Summary, in English

For a Chinese high school graduate to be able to apply for university they must first take part in the yearly gaokao, the college entrance examination. The province where a student has his or her household registration determines where they can sit for the exam and also in which quota they are put when the university slots are allocated. This system causes difficulties for the children of migrantworkers who do not have their hukou in the place where they reside. This issue, in media called yidi gaokao “taking gaokao in an other place”, is cause for much debate. In August 2012, the Ministry for Education demanded that all provinces map out strategies for solving the issue. This thesis seeks to answer the question whether or not the above mentioned initiative and the responses from the local governments reflects the opinions in the public debate. The conclusion to this question is that public debate does seem to have had influence on the policy making and the reforms.







Examensarbete för kandidatexamen


  • Languages and Literatures


  • Kina
  • Utbildning
  • Hukou
  • Hushållsregistrering
  • Migrantarbetare
  • Flytande befolkning
  • Gaokao
  • CEE
  • College Entrance Examination


  • Michael Schoenhals