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Miljöstrategisk styrning - Masterprogram

Program 120 högskolepoäng2 årMasterexamen
How can we assess environmental problems? How do companies and public authorities work to prevent and solve environmental problems? How can different types of actors exert influence and control, and what policies and measures can we employ to drive positive change? If you are interested in questions like these, this Master's programme is for you.

The International Master’s Programme in Environmental Management and Policy (EMP) enables graduates to inspire and drive change by developing their abilities to evaluate, design, and implement management and policy responses to complex environmental challenges. The EMP programme revolves around distinguished key features: interdisciplinary learning, its international nature and practically applied studies. The EMP is focused on both environmental policy and environmental management. This is based on our collective experience that decision makers within both these spheres benefit vastly from having such a dual understanding. More and more, we find that many alumni, regardless of their profession or sector, work within both the realms of public policy and corporate management to move the environmental agenda further.

Special features:

We represent a fundamentally practical standpoint: Tomorrow’s change starts in the reality of today. Our students are challenged to develop professional skills, knowledge and networks in close collaboration with industry and society – to this end, the EMP is set up to convey a detailed and methodical understanding of technical systems.
Our teaching approach is characterized by a multidisciplinary and multicultural classroom - features that apply to both teachers and students – contributing to a creative atmosphere that pervades the whole of the institute. Our exceptionally engaged alumni network comprises more than 900 members, globally distributed in a multitude of professional roles; they are contributing to the EMP programme through numerous activities. The EMP typically comprises a class size of around 30 students facilitating a tight on-site community and enabling an interactive, dynamic learning that equips graduates with personal and social skills way beyond the academic theory. Designed to build on the knowledge that students have acquired during the first cycle education, the EMP programme explicitly includes learning activities that encourage the peer-to-peer sharing of experience and perspectives. Thereby, students can take advantage of their diverse collective experience and benefit from this interdisciplinary exchange to great effect.

The programme is set up to offer a variety of opportunities to collaborate with and learn from a range of practitioners; we go to great lengths to enable student groups to visit and study industry sites and engage in projects with external clients.

Programme structure

EMP courses are allocated to five major blocks:

  • Courses teaching knowledge and skills fundamental for all sustainability professionals
  • Courses related to Corporate Environmental Management
  • Courses related to environmental policy at urban, regional, national and international levels
  • Elective courses that allow students to choose between going deeper into environmental policy or environmental management, including team-based consulting or an internship
  • Capstone courses that allow for a focused specialization built on applying all preceding learning in the programme to specific tasks and circumstances

To see course distribution over the four semesters please visit

Career prospects
An EMP MSc graduate will have opened the door to a wide range of environment- and sustainability-focused careers on the international. Our alumni have taken positions in industry, consultancy, government, EU bodies, NGOs and international organisations such as the UN, the World Bank and the OECD. Several graduates have continued as entrepreneurs, or have enrolled in PhD programmes and then pursued academic or business careers. In effect, our alumni are integrated into all relevant professional sectors related to sustainability. Feel free to search for IIIEE on LinkedIn to discover what positions our graduates hold at present, how they have moved forward in their careers, and visit our website for individual stories told by them.

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Programme Coordinator: emp [at] iiiee [dot] lu [dot] se
Web page:
Other contacts: IIIEE facebook page:
IIIEE library tweet:

Behörighet & urval


An undergraduate degree (BA/BSc) of at least 180 credits or the equivalent foreign degree from an internationally recognised university.

English 6/English Course B.


The final selection is based on academic grades and relevant work experience in addition to the statement of purpose written by the applicants and recommendations given.

Anmälan & antagning

Alla utbildningstillfällen

Start Höstterminen 2019



Dagtid Lund, heltid 100%

På engelska

2 september 2019 - 6 juni 2021

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