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Studenten Hans Brunk i Ekonomihögskolans atrium
Hans Brunk kommer från USA och flyttade till Sverige hösten 2017 för att läsa kandidatprogrammet i International Business. Här är hans upplevelse så här långt.

What do you think of the programme and study environment so far?

The programme is interesting – it covers a wide range of topics without delving too deep into specifics. It creates a nice generalized foundation for future business studies; This is useful for people like me who are not specifically decided on areas for future study. We have a good multinational student group consisting of about half Swedes and half internationals.

Advice for future students thinking of applying for the programme?

Apply! If you can get through Skåne’s fall weather, you can get through anything in life.

(Serious tips: Especially for this programme and its parallel course structures, procrastination is the enemy. Staying on top of studies equals more time for fun.)

Thoughts on the student life in Lund?

Lund is a great place to meet people. The Nations are a social hub for student life. They are very inclusive and offer numerous events ranging from dinners to dance lessons to international field trips.

Thoughts on the moving-to-Sweden-experience?

Sweden is great. The people and culture are easy-going, warm and welcoming. Tips: Get coffee with friends often and life will sort itself out.

Summarize your experience of your studies and stay in Sweden, so far, with three words:


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