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Dagligt liv i Dalarnas medeltid - Ett försök att se dagligt liv och social struktur i ett gränsland


  • Mikael Simonsson

Summary, in English

This paper deals whit the problems concerning social organisation in the county of Dalarna in middle Sweden during the Middle Ages 1050- 1528. This paper also deals whit the every day ife in Dalarna during the same period. In the paper archaeology, ethnology, history and osteology is used in order to create a so accurate as possibly picture of every day life at the farm, the villa and the keep. Each environment is compared to each other in order to try to see the social structure of the county. The geographic frame for the paper is the part of Sweden above the border zone of Limes Norrlandicus, or lower Norrland.

The results presented in the paper shows that Dalarna most probably had a flat social organisation in the meaning that the every day life and its artefacts was much the same in all the environments. However, there is deferens between the environments, especially in the use of ceramics and wooden vessels. These results connected to the peasant rebellion during the middle of the 1500- and 1600- century enforces the picture of a county whit its own social organization.






Examensarbete för magisterexamen (Ett år)


  • History and Archaeology


  • Dalarna
  • Medeltiden
  • Social organisation
  • Medieval history
  • Medeltidens historia


  • Anders Ödman