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To be, or not to be in the EU, that is the question : The cultural case of United Kingdom´s possible withdrawal from EU


  • Simona Gruici

Summary, in English

While culture “stresses social life as such: individuals in their relations to others” , this thesis paper deals with culture alongside notions of values, beliefs and national preference/interest. The cultural aspect will shed into light by a wider perspective – the influence it has among European Union´s social and political life. Within EU, the United Kingdom holds high gains and strong financial power as one European member; yet, for the first time in the last decades, the British government decided that – one renegotiation is needed between the UK-EU relation.

This master thesis, first and foremost, will elucidate the complex notion of ´culture´ with a particular concern over the idea that “culture is tied to both economics and politics”

The aim of this research paper is to investigate whether there is a linkage between culture and governmental decisions/EU politics. Thus, United Kingdom is chosen as a particular study case determining to what extend the British values and beliefs have an impact over UK´s possible withdrawal from EU.







Examensarbete för masterexamen (Två år)


  • Cultural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Law and Political Science


  • the European Union
  • national interest
  • national preference
  • culture
  • values
  • Euroscepticism
  • United Kingdom
  • David Cameron
  • political speeches


  • Anamaria Dutceac Segesten (Biträdande Lektor)