Beroendeanalys ur flödesperspektiv – utveckling av analysverktyg

Dependency analysis from a flow perspective – the development of an analysis tool


Summary, in English

In today's modern society, there is a trend that different societal functions are more interconnected, both by the use of technology and by shared service providers. The amount of connections in the societal system makes it impossible, without a tool, to take all consequential effects of a perturbation in consideration. The concept of urban flows is previously developed to help resolve this issue and it is further developed in this thesis. The goal of the thesis was to create a calculation methodology that aggregate dependencies and influence from actors to urban flows on a municipal level. The developed calculation methodology is based on assumptions and the accuracy of the results is limited by these assumptions. A MATLAB based computer tool was developed to aggregate dependencies and influence according to the calculation methodology and visualise the results. A small case study that proves the value of the computer tool in a risk- and vulnerability analysis is also presented.


  • Technology and Engineering


  • Urban Flows
  • Aggregating dependency
  • Computer tool
  • Dependency analysis
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Flöde
  • Sammanslagning av beroenden
  • Datorverktyg
  • Beroendeanalys
  • Risk- och sårbarhetsanalys

Report number



  • Jonas Johansson (Dr.)


  • ISSN: 1402-3504