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Turkiet och EU : en studie av argument för och mot medlemskapet


  • Naomi Carter

Summary, in English

Extension has been part of the European Union since its earlier days. Today, the EU consists of 27 member countries and five countries currently uphold candidate status. One of those five is Turkey. If the nation is granted membership into the EU, it will be the first Muslim country in the Union. It would also be due, to it’s population number, among the larger countries in the EU. This combination in itself is just one of the elements of the debate.
This paper aims to assemble the favoured-arguments and the counter-arguments in the debate on: the EU and Turkey. The chosen theory concerns the process of expansion of the European Union. The theory deals with three depicting ideal types of entities, these three concepts describing the European Union integration modes: economically, culturally and politically. Each of these ideal types has a given individual discourse. It is these three discourses, pragmatic, ethical-political and moral, of which arguments are compiled below. Thereafter analyses are applied to the arguments based on an analysis framework, which is the methodological approach of this thesis. The essay question is in what idealtyp of entity is support most likely for a Turkish membership in the EU. From the analysis, it was determined that, from a European perspective, it is most likely that a Turkish entry into the EU would happen if the EU adopts the ideal type of a problem-solving device. While from a Turkish perspective, the most likelihood of a Turkish membership in the EU would occur if the ideal type of rights-based device were embraced.
It was concluded that it would be worthwhile if these three concepts would be combined to allow for a more accurate picture of how likely a Turkish entry into the European Union is.







Examensarbete för kandidatexamen


  • Social Sciences


  • moral
  • EU
  • Turkey
  • ethical-political
  • ideal types
  • pragmatics


  • Jan Schwarz