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Integrating the Other: Narrative Constructions of GDR Memory in Berlin Global


  • Jette Strohschneider

Summary, in Swedish

The following paper examines the production of memory in Berlin Global, an exhibition housed at the Humboldt Forum in Berlin, through employing methods of discourse and narrative analysis. The analysis aims to deconstruct memories of the German Democratic Republic present in the exhibition and how these are integrated into greater national and international historical narratives through the use of the exhibition design, concept and the objects present there. To produce a sufficient analysis concepts such as the discursive object as theorized by Mieke Bal, memory, as well as nostalgia, ostalgia and hegemonic narratives need to be understood.

The paper comes to the conclusion that although reinforcing certain narratives and, in consequence, re-producing certain memories of the GDR, Berlin Global offers an innovative way of integrating the divided past of Germany into a common national and international context. Through the juxtaposition of objects, East and West Germany remain divided but directly compared in several socio-cultural aspects that have previously often been disregarded or sentimentalized.







Examensarbete för masterexamen (Två år)


  • Cultural Sciences


  • Memory
  • German Democratic Republic
  • museum studies
  • discourse
  • narrative
  • othering
  • European Studies


  • Tomas Sniegon