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Surely the Signs Were All Around Me. Why Didn’t I See Them? En stereotypanalys av André Acimans Call Me By Your Name


  • Albin Nerman

Summary, in English

This paper aims to study how André Aciman reproduces stereotypes about bisexual and homosexual men in his famous novel Call Me By Your Name. Furthermore, how the reproducement of stereotypes in Acimans novel, creates an undermining mechanism against the reader in terms of the readers ability to critically analyse the novels problematic content. By illuminating how Aciman romanticises sexual relationships between teenagers and adults, and how he uses sexuality as a technique for drama, the study concludes that Aciman uses existing stereotypes in order to misguide his readers and to reach the general public. Being the first academic text on the issue, this paper therefore argues that Call Me By Your Name sends a problematic, and potentially dangerous message, to the general reader.






Examensarbete för kandidatexamen


  • Languages and Literatures


  • André Aciman
  • stereotypes
  • problematic
  • queer
  • literature.


  • Elisabeth Friis